We assist law enforcement in the early search and recovery of children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and college students.



To serve as educators and resources for children facing the potential dangers of bullying, peer pressure, and predators both online and offline.  We believe children have the right to a safe and bully-free educational environment. We provide them with that environment and give them the guidance they need to navigate their own success. 

Since 1997, our alert program has been assisting law enforcement nationwide in saving the lives of children and the elderly. We have assisted in over 65,000 cases and sent out over 80 million alert calls.

Missing Alerts

We send out alerts to the surrounding areas where children or elderly persons are last seen before they're reported as missing. 

Child Safety Education Program

Our trainers visit summer camps and educate children about communication, bullying, and safety. 

Creative adaptability is the key to successful programs.
— Sherry Friedlander | Founder