Silver Alert Program

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The ACIM Alert  program comes at no cost to law enforcement, and only law enforcement can activate the ACIM Alert Program.

The ACIM Alert Program can be part of your state’s Silver Alert protocol. ACIM has been placing alert calls for the Elderly (usually suffering from Alzheimer’s) for 11 years

ACIM can be activated at anytime before, during, or after a Silver Alert has been issued.

The most effective use of the ACIM Alert Program is to activate the alert as soon as possible. All ACIM trained technicians have experience in helping to recover the elderly.

When activated, the Alert Program will place alert calls to the area the elderly person was last seen (on foot or in a car). 

When a sighting occurs, it is important to quickly notify ACIM to enable our alert calls to be sent to that specific geographic area as soon as possible.

1,000 calls in one minute can make a significant difference for our elderly population suffering from Alzheimer’s/dementia.

For more information about this free Alert Program, contact our national headquarters at:  954.763.1288 or


For more information about this FREE Alert Program, contact our national headquarters at:

A Child Is Missing Headquarters

500 SE 17th St, #101

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316

Tel: 954-763-1288

Fax: 954-763-4569